1. Impact of maritime and marine activities after placement:

The depth range of the Weymouth and Portland Solace Reef ranges from 18 to 22mtrs, 60 to 70 feet in old money. It is very unlikely that any storm and extremely more unlikely that any tide will move a Solace Stone.

The position of the Solace Reef / Lobster re-stocking is clearly marked and your Solace Stone has helped create even more habitat and protection for a variety of species from trawlers and other maritime/marine activities.

Solace Reef Ltd will do all it can to ensure that this area is respected and protected where is reasonably and practically possible.  However, under no circumstances will Weymouth and Portland Solace Reef Ltd be held responsible for any movement or damage associated with any of the aforementioned activities.

2. Damage on the surface:

In the unlikely event a Solace Stone is damaged in anyway after manufacture or during transit to the Solace Reef site, we will replace it and re-arrange for its placement at a later date free of charge.  Solace Reef Ltd will not be held responsible for additional cost that may be incurred by any individual.

3. Weather Conditions:

Yes, the great British weather will have a huge role to play and will impact on every one if it is not kind to us on the day of placement.  If the weather window is not favourable, we will inform you 24 hours before you’re preferred date of placement.

The licensed Skipper will have the final say should this situation arise.  Weymouth and Portland Solace Reef Ltd will not be liable for any cost incurred by any individual if the weather delays or cancels a Solace Stone placement. In agreement with ‘the family’, an alternative day will be arranged as soon as is practical.

4. Irreversible:

We cannot guarantee that the chamber holding your loved ones ashes will remain watertight. Therefore, we must warn you that a request to recover the ashes at a later date is not an option.  Once your loved ones Solace Stone leaves the surface, the retrieval of the ashes is irreversible.